Nipples. The Met has them. They can all be yours now!

Available now as a sticker album and packs of collectable stickers, this self-produced publication is the archive of the 1,488 nipples that were on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art between January and September 2012. Within, you'll find a place for all the stickers, each rendered in grayscale waiting for their colored-sticker equivalent, along with an introductory essay and a various statistical breakdowns of the nips.

There are 124 individual stickers to collect, all of which are organized into different categories such as; Left Nips, Oldest Nips, Buddha Nips, Precious Metal Nips, Continental Nips, etc... The sticker book and sticker packs containing 10 different stickers are $5 each and available at

The archive is now in your hands. I hope that you, too, can collect the nipples at the Met.

 *Produced independently without involvement or endorsement from, or affiliation with The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Nipples at the Met
Sticker Book Collection

Sticker book & stickers
8-1/2" x 11"